Less energy consumption. Less carbon emissions. More savings. 

According to The Climate Group (TCG) lighting can account for almost 5% of global CO2 emissions. TCG estimates that upgrading to LED lighting could offer a potential energy savings of 50%-70% as well as a carbon reduction of over 1,400M tons by 2025, if done globally.

And while a decade or two ago, setting environmental goals was a means of managing a corporation's reputation, today it’s about good business practices and increasing the bottom line.

Better lighting is better for business.

In a study by Natural Resources Canada, lighting costs businesses an estimated 13.5% of their energy consumption. 

Making a simple switch to LED’s can not only reduce your energy use, but can also be one of your greatest opportunities for savings, according to BC Hydro.  That’s because LEDs offer higher efficiency and longer service life, adding 20-50% more energy savings.

Switching to LED's is an ideal solution for businesses who are looking to lower their operating costs, when compared to traditional lighting. Businesses can further optimize their costs with advanced energy management features that provide energy consumption and periods of use for each fixture, along with dimming, occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and light scheduling capabilities. 

Better still, governments are encouraging businesses to make the switch to LED technology through the use of grants and incentives. 

BC Hydro is funding your upfront costs to upgrade lights.

BC Hydro states that they’ll cover some of the up-front costs when upgrading from traditional lighting technologies to an eligible LED product through a one-to-one lighting incentive swap, reducing the payback periods for upfront LED investments. 

How our lighting experts can help with your LED upgrade

As a member of BC Hydro's Alliance of Energy Professionals, we provide energy audits and work with you through the BC Hydro application process. On average, businesses that work with us save up to 50% of project costs and see an ROI in under two years.  

With over 275,000 sq. feet of inventory, we stock smart lighting solutions that can be accessed through our comprehensive e-commerce site, or in-branch. Our lighting experts have experience selecting the right LED products for provincial grant programs and have been performing energy audits in commercial and industrial spaces for over ten years.  

Discover how much you could be saving. Ask our lighting specialist James Lee at james.lee2@gescan.com for a complimentary ROI analysis.