One driver, any environment, any application


Has this happened to you?  

You’ve done your research. You confirm the dimmer you just purchased is compatible with the LED fixtures for your project and meets the electrical requirements necessary to ensure proper performance. You install it. Everything works perfectly. Then, you receive a call from your client saying their new LED bulbs aren’t dimming properly.  

Spend less and save time on testing  

Not all LED lamps, lighting fixtures or dimmers are created equal. Minimum and maximum load requirements differ between incandescent and LED fixtures. To determine the actual load requirements for a particular dimmer and fixture, often time-consuming testing must be done.   

The newest all-in-one dimmable LED driver, DLMULTI works with forward/reverse phase, ELV, Triac or 0-10V dimmers with no minimum load. So, say goodbye to the ‘old world’ of magnetic drivers and their complicated dimmer partners and hello to a ‘new world’ of universally compatible LED drivers with Diffusion’s DLMULTI. 

A Universal LED Driver for any environment 

Delivering an input of 120-277v, the high-efficiency DLMULTI driver is compatible with a variety of bulbs and fixtures that are constant voltage 24VDC and works with almost all dimmers, dramatically reducing the number of lights and dimmer skus needed. 

This Dimmable LED Driver comes complete with a built-in junction box and its small, compact design takes up less space and makes it easier than ever to hide your LED power supply.   

Aside from being cUL certified for usage in Canada and the USA, the DLMULTI also features built-in surge protection from short circuit, over current and over voltage, making it one of the safest LED drivers on the market and maintenance-free. 

Limitless Applications 

Because the DLMULTI driver doesn’t have to recognize a minimum load, it's ideal for a large variety of applications including low loads like under cabinet lighting strips. Delivering flicker-free dimming down to .01% (with 0-10v dimmers / 20,000hrz) makes this driver a perfect choice for hospitality settings, such as restaurants, or other places that often need to set a certain mood. The DLMULTI doesn’t interfere with electronic equipment either which is important for airports or places like casinos that rely on security cameras.  

Wet-location rated, the DLMULTI driver also streamlines installation in a wide range of environments indoors and out, such as patios and ribbon lighting on the underside of outdoor railings.  


Diffusion’s innovative new technology makes the DLMULTI the ultimate power supply for flawless dimming capabilities in any type of project, allowing contractors to carry fewer SKUs overall while easily managing lighting projects with one driver.  

All of these added features come at no additional cost; Diffusion Lighting by RJ Cross is committed to providing quality drivers and lighting products at affordable prices.  

Available in 30W, 60W, 100W, 150W, 200W and 300W, shop now to order your DLMULTI Drivers by Diffusion for next-day pick-up or deliver or visit your local Gescan store today.  


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