Why bother with printable barcodes? Well, for one of our clients he thinks it will save him up to $700 per day.   

We thought this was such a powerful statement that it was worth sharing with other customers on how one surprisingly easy change could make such a difference to his business. 

About the client 

The client is the owner of an electrical business providing services that span lighting to electrical repairs that help avoid blackouts and fires. Operating numerous vans in the field, he stocks everything he and his team of employees could possibly need on the job from inside his van.  From cable connectors of different sizes all the way up to different lighting systems, you name it, he’s has it! In fact, he stocks about 200-300 SKU’s in his van every day!  

The problem? 

He’s a busy man! He estimated that on any given day 6 or 7 of his tradespeople would leave the site to pick up one-off stock items, sometimes up to 2 times a day. Cost to his business each time a tradesperson left to pick up an item?  60 bucks a pop.   

He needed to find a way to better manage his on-site inventory and reorder products quickly so that he could minimize the time his team spent running to our branches.  In fact, our research shows that most clients spend 2-3 working hours per day travelling to pick up one-off supplies, when they could be spending that time working.  How much time do you spend? Use our calculator find out here

Printable barcodes to save the day!  

The owner has asked our team to help him print off the barcodes of the items he purchases a lot of from our store and put them on shelves inside his truck. Next time he runs low on a SKU, he plans to have his staff scan the barcode.  And Voila! He can get his item delivered to him the very next day.  

What’s next?  

Our team is currently working with this client to print off and label 200-300 SKU’s so that he can place them across his fleet of vans.  He has said to our team that the cost savings of implementing this one very simple solution is $700.00 per day.  The other benefits of this one simple change?  

  1. Better organization in his vans, 
  2. Better on-site inventory management, and 
  3. more efficient ordering process for his team. 

We love hearing your stories about how our digital solutions are making your job a little bit easier.  

Think printing barcodes out could help your business? Watch our video on how to print barcodes in 4 easy steps. And don’t forget to tell us how it made a difference in your business!  



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