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For over a hundred years, Siemens Canada has been providing solutions that deliver consistent quality. Instituted in Canada on August 1912, Siemens now has 4,500-strong employee base providing for the needs of the energy, industry and healthcare sectors. In the electrical industry, it is among the top providers of low-voltage control and distribution systems, power supplies, transformers and safety systems.

It offers a comprehensive portfolio of power products for low and medium voltage distribution and circuit protection. Product lines includes safety and disconnect switches, meter centres, dry type transformers, load centres, molded case circuit breakers, panel boards, low-voltage motor starters, switchboards, surge protection devices, power monitoring devices, switch gear and more.

Siemens Canada's product lines exceed market requirements for efficiency and reliability – exactly what any technical system would need. Power products are available for a wide range of applications including residential, industrial, commercial and OEM.

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Thomas & Betts originated in New York City in 1898, but has found a home in Canada since 1928. Being deeply rooted in the country, it now has a head office, 5 regional sales offices, 8 manufacturing facilities and a master distribution center in Canada with over 1,500 employees.

The company offers a comprehensive portfolio with over 200,000 electrical and power products sold under more than 45 premium brand names. Their products are focused on connection, distribution, transmission and reliability of electrical power. Their product line includes boxes, covers and meter sockets, wire termination and connectors, fittings and conduit systems, markers, tyraps, cable tray, struts and more. These electrical products are used in industrial, construction and utility applications to ensure power quality and efficiency.

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For more than 50 years, IPEX has been the leading name in integrated thermoplastic piping systems. It has pushed itself to become the class leader in plastics with its advanced manufacturing technologies and world-class customer support. The IPEX name is now synonymous with quality, innovation and performance.

For the electrical industry, IPEX specializes in rigid PVC conduit and fittings for municipal, industrial, commercial and residential applications. The Scepter® line has been around for three generations and is the most popular brand of PVC pipe and fittings. The lightweight conduit offers great chemical resistance, impact and high tensile strength. It has been rated with FT-4 permits. Also a popular choice among professionals are the Cor-Line® Electrical Non-metallic Tubing which is non-corroding and non-conducting and Kwikon® fittings, slab boxes and accessories which can withstand the daily challenges of the construction industry.

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Beginning its operations outside of France in 1966, Legrand was established in the United States in 1984. Offering superior electrical installations and information networks both for home and work, Legrand continues to innovate as it grows together with its clients.

Product categories include wiring devices, wire and cable management, lighting controls, data communications, commercial A/V, and home systems. Legrand showcases its many brands under one company, providing smart solutions to its residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Some of Legrand's well-trusted brands are, namely, Cablofil, On-Q, Ortonics, Pass & Seymour, and Wiremold.

Legrand's exceptional and inventive designs and quality products make the company a star of its own, winning numerous awards for its various brands. Sold in 180 countries, Legrand keeps a strong worldwide presence, providing jobs to 30,000 employees across nations, more than 4,500 patents, and 170,000 products under 95 product categories.

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Lithonia Lighting is part of the Acuity Brands company which has been in the business for over 60 years. They are one the world's leading providers of innovative lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. Lithonia Lighting offers the broadest range of high performance lighting products which are widely recognized for its quality, reliability and solid performance. They are commited not only to offering sustainable lighting solutions, but also to providing excellent customer service to their clients all over the world.

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Philips products have been in Canadian households and businesses since the early 1920s. However, the company established itself only in 1944 after being acquired by the Rogers Majestic Company. The brand name grew as their product line introduced the television, two-way radio, and electric shaver in the 1950s. Since then, Philips was named one of Canada’s top four electronics brands.

Boasting a line of products that cater every person’s need and stage of life, Philips is a popular name among Canadians because brand awareness is higher than in the United States. Its product line consists of lighting products, personal care (shavers, toothbrushes, among others), mother and child care equipment (breast pumps, bottles, feeding systems), and computer accessories. Philips also caters largely to the defense, aviation, and health care systems of Canada, providing health care equipment to its hospitals.

The familiar blue and white logo that it still is today keeps it promise of “sense and simplicity,” providing high-quality, easy-to-use products.

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Established in 1982, PTI Cables is a manufacturer of electrical wire and cables. In addition to their line of products, they also provide cable insulation, communication tower and wire processing services to their customers.

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Northern Cables, named as Brockville's Business of the Year in 2009, began operations in 1996 when the former Philips Cables facility closed. Started by four former employees of Philips Cables, the 120-employee-strong company now operates in three factories and provide their services throughout Canada and the United States.

Known as the ”armoured cable specialists,“ Northern Cables manufactures low voltage commercial and industrial power cables made of copper and aluminum. Their product line includes Teck90, AC90, AC-THH/HCF, MC-THHN, NMD90, and Specialty Cables. Other services of the company include wire drawing, stranding, insulation, cabling, armouring, and jacketing.

The company also provides an in-house shared certification and laboratory testing to ensure high quality products before shipping. Likewise, for the security of its clientele, their facilities are Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) approved by the US Customs and Border Protection.

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