Always be ready to go with FLO Home™

Home is where EV drivers typically do most of their charging. Surveys show that between 60 to 80% of EV charging is done at home. Having a Level 2 charging station at home is like having your own fuel station right at your doorstep. Simply plug your EV into your home charger every night, and have your car fully charged and ready for your daily commute in the morning. The FLO Home charging station is compatible with all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

FLO Home Products

  1. FLO - FH-1-STA-G5-HY5G-FL1
    Product Code: FLOFH1STAG5HY5GFL1

    Extremely sturdy and made in Canada, the FLO Home G5 residential charging station is valued for its high reliability and construction quality.

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  2. FLO - FH-1-STA-X5-HY5N-FL1
    Product Code: FLOFH1STAX5HY5NFL1

    Extremely sturdy and made in Canada, FLO HomeX5 residential smart charging station lets you view and manage settings from your private FLO account. The FLO Home X5’s network connection gives you access to a whole package of smart features. Easy management. Remotely configure the station’s settings and track usage data via our secure online por...

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Sturdy Construction

100% aluminum casing and 25-ft industrial grade cable that always stays flexible. Certified to withstand frequent use and charge your EV even in extreme weather conditions, from -40°C to 50°C.


Manage your charging settings online where you can remotely configure the station’s settings, automatically charge on a schedule, limit power during peak periods and track usage data via our secure online portal or the FLO app (X5 only).

High Performance

Charges more than 5X faster than a Level 1 charger on a standard outlet (120V), giving you confidence that you’ll leave home every morning with a fully charged electric vehicle.

Real-Time Support

With automatic software updates, the station’s network connection allows us to remotely monitor your unit’s status to ensure service quality and offer real-time technical support (X5 only).


Protects your vehicle and your home against fluctuations in the power grid with built-in security features that ensure you full peace of mind.

Refined Design

Focused on quality, it’s elegantly crafted down to the detail to bring you a beautifully resilient charger that’s backed by a 5-year warranty. Made with love in Canada.