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Did you know that 1/3 of office workers use 3 or more different devices? Now you can charge multiple devices at the same time with convenient USB ports built into every outlet.  Choose from USB-A, USB-C or USB-AC combination outlets, and get to know each one!

Steady Eddy (USB-A)

Sturdy with a reliable charge.

Speedy Spence (USB-C)

 The new kid on the block.

Amp’d Up Amy (USB-AC)

She’s double the fun.

Bundle deal
What’s better than one Eddy? Two Eddy’s!

Get two Steady Eddy’s for your home, with screwless wall plates included for as long as  stock lasts.

This amazing deal is on for a limited time and includes tamper-resistant USB Type A combination outlets. Place them in islands, on walls, near side tables in bedrooms, or by workstations.

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We can’t control everything, but we can control our space and how we feel in it.  This year more people will be working from the comfort of their home than ever before. 2021 is all about bringing charging solutions into the spaces that your clients spend most of their time. Like at their home desk, in their living room or at the kitchen counter. Check out the charging solutions that will transform spaces at home this year. Have questions?


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Shop for residential combination outlets.


Shop for residential combination outlets.

Wireless chargers

Shop for wireless chargers.

Desktop power centers

Shop for desktop power centers.

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For employees returning to the office this year, they’ll be walking into a pretty new environment as employers comply with CDC recommended precautionary measures for designs of the office floor. Most notably, that social distancing guidelines of six feet in between people must be maintained. What does this mean for electricians? It means separate power sources will be needed to help eliminate the risk of transmission by keeping employees from sharing outlets. Have questions?


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Shop for commercial combination outlets.


Shop for commercial combination outlets.


Shop for commercial combination outlets.

Furniture power centers

Shop for furniture power centers.

Social distance in the great outdoors

Power up with the quickest, easiest way to add power to outdoor areas.  From ground boxes, to solar charging kits, to outdoor charging stations, Legrand has you covered for new ways of connecting


Plugtail is designed to install 5x faster than conventional devices.  Easy on the knees and fingers, Legrand's Plugtail family has you covered on every conceivable commercial job. Use it for Healthcare, Commercial, Hospital, Education and Institutional applications.

About Legrand's charging solutions
New year, new ways of working!

Where we collaborate, how we stay connected and be productive has changed for some employers this year. 

Whether your client is operating a business, retail outlet or outdoor area, maintaining distance between people will be top of mind for them in current and future workplace designs.

You’ll be needed more than ever this year to help people power their new ways of working – whether that’s from home or from work.

Legrand has a range of chargers for pretty much any job you may have this year.  

Ask us about Legrand’s range of charging solutions and how we can help your client power their spaces  in 2021 and beyond.

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