Steve Adams Offers Expert Advice on Distribution Design-Builds

Gescan welcomes Steve Adams as our new Distribution Specialist in the Alberta region! Bringing a hands-on, in-field approach, Steve ensures customers obtain the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for their electrical projects at every stage.

Having worked as an Electrical Designer on projects in the oil sands, oil and gas, petrochemical, heavy industrial, commercial and residential sectors for more than 23 years, Steve’s managed every aspect of the process from planning, design, estimating, procurement, scheduling and progression through to construction completion. The Certified Electrical Safety Codes Officer and Master Electrician is well versed in the Canadian Electrical, Alberta Utility, National Electrical, and Alberta Safety Codes.

During his time in the field, Steve worked with industry big-hitters like Husky, Shell, Petro, Saipem and Stantec. He’s gained an unparalleled level of technical, design and product knowledge that allows him the creativity and know-how to develop new and improved ways for customers to implement and utilize their electrical systems and products, resulting in greater flexibility, range of use, longevity, plus cost and space savings.

Steve believes the capabilities of a system are only limited by one's knowledge and imagination, “When you do [engineering] over and over you get a deep understanding of how things work...There's artistic value to it because as long as you know the rules and you stay within those rules, you can really design anything you want that does the same thing but at a cheaper cost, that is more efficient or effective.” Steve continued, “If [a customer] is not aware a product can be utilized in a particular area...or that they may be utilizing something a little bit extreme, that's where I would come in to help.” This rings especially true given current shipment delays and restrictions caused by the pandemic, making sourcing creative solutions necessary.

Steve generates and presents cost-saving opportunities for Gescan customers' distribution, including the creation of Material Take-Offs (MTOs) on single-line designs and quotations, and more to expedite their project information and streamline sourcing processes. Steve explained, “One of the things I could see Gescan had right away was we could be their one-stop-shop.”

Steve admitted he was surprised at the amount and level of technical expertise Gescan offers to support customers and ensure their projects and businesses run efficiently. "From the engineering side, I was always calling companies for parts and for quote times. Now seeing it from the other side, it's quite interesting how that's done. Even though I designed this stuff, I still didn't know how it was quoted and what was involved with all that. The amount of knowledge needed on this side is very intriguing,” he said. "One of the things I was totally ignorant about is that distributors like Gescan are involved in everything...I realized right off the bat that I can help right from start to end."

When it comes to industry trends, Steve says it’s important to consider changing demands on power grids, "Everybody is going to be plugging in cars. They never plugged in cars before! Those cars are being plugged into the grid. The demand for electricity is going to grow tremendously and so it’s prudent for companies like us to be very proactive to be on top of that game." Steve recommends contractors and distributors alike examine how to implement and work with EV products.

And if you're looking for more than design-build advice and distribution expertise, feel free to ask Steve for pointers on your running form! A former track athlete, who also ran for Canada, Steve works as the assistant distance running coach for the University of Calgary's varsity track and field team in his spare time.

Gescan is very excited to have Coach Steve on our team and in the field helping contractors take their projects to the next level. GO DINOS!

For expert electrical distribution advice, please contact Steve Adams at

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Discover how you can better implement and utilize your electrical systems and products for increased flexibility, range of use and longevity with Steve Adams.
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