GE 9030 PLC Migration – Upgrading is Easy

Kent Fetter
Automation Specialist – Gescan Edmonton

Migrating to the latest system is simpler than you think. The benefits far outweigh the cost to switch, and you’ll be minimizing your risk and increasing efficiency by working on the latest system. You’ll be able to achieve your best ROI with the latest technology.

GESCAN has helped hundreds of PLC users successfully plan and execute their migration. Whether you have a plan in place or haven’t even thought about one just yet, we’re here to help you plan your transition with the utmost care and attention to detail.

When you decide to upgrade your 9030 PLC to the GE PAC Systems RX3i, the Migration is Easy. GE has the best Migration/Upgrade Program in the Industry. In most cases, just the 9030 CPU, Rack, & Power Supply need to be replaced with the Rx3i Hardware. Most of the I/O Modules can be reused/relocated onto the new Rx3i Rack without lifting a wire. In additional, the customer’s program/configuration, is easily converted within Proficy Machine Edition (PME) using a couple mouse-clicks.

For more information about migrating your control system to the Rx3i platform please contact your local Gescan Automation Specialist.