Using HART Devices with RX3i

Dave Fredrickson
Automation Specialist

If you have an amount of instrumentation in your facility there is a high likelihood of at least some of those devices being “smart” and likely they communicate using HART protocol.

Your GE Rx3i controller can help you take advantage of the power of HART transmitters and actuators to improve the reliability and serviceability of your control system.

Those HART devices can provide not only the 4- 20mA process variable data, on that same current loop it can superimpose a digital signal which can provide the secondary process variable from the field device as well as diagnostic information, health data related to the transmitter or actuator. Information such as PV out of Range, Secondary PV out of range, Loop Current Saturated can be incorporated into your control strategy or passed on to a supervisory system. Whether system self compensation or maintenance intervention is required corrective action can be done before costly downtime or off spec product occurs.

In high noise environments the digital signal from the field can be used to control rather than the standard current signal.

Using a handheld calibration tool or PC Software the HART field device can be setup, calibrated, configured and maintained from the terminals of the IO module in many cases eliminating the need to send technicians in a harsh or hazardous environment.

The Rx3i provides HART Pass through capability so the smart devices it controls can be monitored and managed by a Plant Instrument Asset Management System and integrated with the balance of the instrumentation in a large plant environment. HART Pass Through for all major instrument management systems. HART devices are supported whether in the local controller rack or distributed throughout a facility tied into GE Remote IO drops.

For more information about controlling and managing HART devices with the Rx3i contact your local Gescan Automation Specialist.