Cyber Security

Emerson Approach to Cyber Security

Security is, and always will be, a top priority for Emerson. We work with customers, industry working groups and standards bodies, government agencies, and the security research community to continually improve the security of industrial control systems and global infrastructure. We are dedicated to maintaining the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of customer systems and data.

For our customers, secure control solutions boost productivity, maintain system availability, and protect valuable operational information and customer data. Today’s connected industries look to Emerson to help protect their system investments, reduce operational risk, protect the environment, and maintain their customers’ trust.

As a provider of mission-critical technology, we are committed to providing reliable products to our customers and helping them deploy them securely within the industries they serve.


PACSystems Cyber-Security Datasheet

The RX3i is not only designed to meet the security requirements of today’s connected industry, but it also provides more information, more securely. To this end, the RX3i includes the latest security features to help protect data and processes from attacks and unauthorized access.