Motor Control



Variable Frequency Drives

PowerXL DG1 General Purpose Drive!
The DG1 general-purpose drives are part of the Eaton next-generation PowerXL series of adjustable frequency drives specifically engineered for today’s more demanding commercial and industrial applications. With an industry-leading energy efficiency algorithm, high short-circuit current rating and robust design, the DG1 offers customers increased efficiency, safety and reliability.

Contactors and Starters

Eaton XT Series (IEC)
The XT IEC series includes non-reversing and reversing contactors and starters as well as overload relays and accessories. Enclosed control options include metallic and non metallic enclosures with circuit breakers, and North American or European fuses. The XT line of IEC motor control is not the same as traditional motor control designs. XT was designed to be engineered better

Relays & Timers

General Purpose Relays
D Series Ice Cube, Enclosed Power, and Open Power General Purpose Relays are cost effective, provide excellent functionality and are ideal for any application from controlling smaller loads, to those requiring high current-carrying capacity. Assembly and installation of General Purpose Relays are quick, easy and secure with little risk of damage, and various relay models are specifically slim-form designed to fit into tight spaces.

Timing Relays
Universal TR Series, TMRP, TMR, and E5-248 Timing Relays combine flexibility with ease of use and installation, while compact designs save panel space. With multiple mount options, models, more flexibility in range of input voltage, timing range and functionality, there are flexible and cost-effective timing relays to meet any timing requirements. Eaton also offers customization capabilities for these timers— remote adjustments, special pin configurations, and more.


This attractive, functional line of pushbuttons features a space-saving construction that enables fast assembly. The complete illuminated M22 line offers LED light units to ensure high-quality brightness and up to 100,000 hours of illumination. Because of the rugged design of these pushbuttons, most operators and contact blocks exceed five million mechanical operations

C22 Compact pilot devices share the same attractive design as our M22 modular pushbuttons, but are designed with “monoblock” construction. Contact blocks are built-in to each device without the need to purchase or assemble separate back-of-panel components.