The Predix Cloud makes it possible to streamline IT infrastructure with elastic scale computing that delivers rich industrial automation solutions in short time frames. Cloud applications typically require edge processing that allows logic to run close to the machine. Field Agent technology provides this capability through secure, authenticated data transfer from the plant to the cloud over encrypted channels. Data can be transferred to the cloud preserving its time stamp, quality, and fidelity without compromise. Predix provides the application framework that supports edge processing and logic execution at the most vital layer in a system architecture.

The platform provides Machine-to-Cloud, (M2C) Machine-to-Machine (M2M), and Machine-to-Mobile or –Human (M2H) application connectivity. Predix Machine uses a Java software stack that is built in the Open Services Gateway initiative (OSGi) framework and is capable of running on Windows and UNIX-like operating systems, such as Linux or MacOSX. The OSGi framework provides a modular architecture, which allows developers to tailor the platform’s implementation to the needs of the use case, leveraging and deploying only the services that are necessary.



  • Enables the rapid development of industrial applications

  • Minimizes developer involvement in managing scale and hardware

  • Promotes quick response to customer requirements

  • Provides customers a single point of control for the assets they own

  • Serves as a foundation for an ecosystem of companies and developers that support the Industrial Internet