Automation Consulting and Engineering

Risk Assessment / Modernizations Planning

Your infrastructure update begins here, with a proven 4-step process to ensure you have a customized plan that is as unique as your plant.

Site assessment

To develop a robust modernization strategy that is customized for you, we must first assess your needs. Prior to the site visit we will review any information that can be provided us, IO and Controller lists, system architecture drawings, program and configuration files to maximize our productivity while on site. We will walk through your site with you to fully understand your current equipment status and application details.

Product roadmap review

Once the Site Assessment is completed, our technical team will review the collected information. We will then provide you with a unique, individualized solution and propose products and services for modernization.

Proposed solution

We will provide you with your specific solution overview, timeline and budget, in addition
to spare parts and tool recommendations necessary to complete modernization.

Implement modernization solution

The process concludes with a validation of assumptions, and consideration for budget restraints. In many cases the plan will need to be spread over a number of budget cycles. Phasing of system upgrades will be prioritized by either criticality of the process controlled or supportability of the existing systems.

The Right Tools for The Job

GE provides one of the best migration paths in the industry with focus protecting your original control system investment, reusing proven application code and in many cases IO modules or LANs.
Automated conversion GE has created migration tools like application code translator that were designed specifically to provide a rapid, granular overview of system architecture and allow for a rapid transition to new technology. In the case of the move from Series 90 controllers and Rx3i, both programmed with the same software tools, application code can easily be ported from the 90-70 and 90-30 to the Rx3i using that software.

Predefined migration strategies

We have proven migration paths that help you move forward quickly and efficiently. Through the site assessment process we can guide you to the best fit for you. With a number of IO form factors existing IO cabinets can be re-used eliminating the need for re-route field wiring to new locations.

Pre-engineered gateways Migrate at your own pace.

GE has created gateways that allow for phased migrations allowing new and old IO to coexist in the same system. In other cases it is essential to reuse existing Remote IO LANs due to physical or financial limitations. You have that flexibility.
Achilles security GE’s next-generation control systems are Achilles certified, and provide greater peace of mind in today’s cybercentric industrial environments.


Gescan draw on experienced GE trained engineers with a depth of knowledge of all GE legacy control systems with the ability provide expert guidance as you step into today's technology.