Training: On Site Training

Course Length:3.5 days, Monday - Thursday
Hours:8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Course Description:
The PROFICY Machine Edition Logic Developer (PLC for PAC Rx7i, Rx3i, 90/30, 90/70 and VersaMax) Level 1 course familiarizes the student with the control logic development tool suite used to program the entire family of Emerson industrial control hardware. Emphasis is given to understanding and operating in the development environment, understanding the available logic development options, generating programs using the ladder logic language option and communicating with control target(s). An experienced instructor is provided to guide the student using demonstrations and hands on lab exercises so they are prepared to develop control solutions.

Who should attend:
This course provides the opportunity for individuals who are or who will be involved in the programming, operation and/or troubleshooting of control systems developed using PROFICY Machine Edition Logic Developer (PLC). The course is designed for electrical technicians, electricians, and programmers beginning to work with PROFICY Machine Edition (PLC), who will be tasked with developing, modifying and maintaining PLC programs.

Are there any prerequisites?
Participants should be comfortable operating in an MS Windows environment, and have a basic understanding
of electrical/control fundamentals.

What tasks will be taught in this class?
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
• Describe Control System Architecture & Operational Fundamentals.
• Describe Basic System Operation & Components.
• Establish and utilize communications to the Controller.
• Create a new project.
• Expand Controllers and describe Specialty Modules.
• Create a new Ladder Logic Program.
• Explain Relay and Contact Logic Elements.
• Explain Timer and Counter Functions.
• Work with Numbers in Relational and Arithmetic Operations.
• Work with Data Move and Numerical Operations.
• Work with bit operations.
• Describe some Advanced Programming Concepts such as User Defined Function Blocks.
• Create Hardware Configuration for local racks and remote, Profinet I/O

Supports up to 10 students - Site Price $18000