Hardwired VersiCharge™ Residential Car Charger

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Manufacturer #:VC30GRYHW


<lt/>h3<gt/>All VersiCharge devices feature:<lt/>/h3<gt/><lt/>strong<gt/>Easy to install<lt/>/strong<gt/>The included mounting bracket is easily attached to many surfaces with the included screws. Universal VersiCharge units can either be plugged in below or behind the unit. Hardwire installation is possible with all VersiCharge models.<lt/>br<gt/><lt/>br<gt/><lt/>strong<gt/>Cost effective option available<lt/>/strong<gt/>For installations which do not require the unit to be plugged into the wall, the VersiCharge hardwire (HW) model is a very cost effective option without sacrificing any convenience.<lt/>br<gt/><lt/>br<gt/><lt/>strong<gt/>Delay button<lt/>/strong<gt/>A simple, multi-setting delay timer has been built into the Siemens VersiCharge to allow the user to delay charging up to 8 hours with the press of a button. Charging sessions automatically start after the delay timer has completed.<lt/>br<gt/><lt/>br<gt/><lt/>strong<gt/>Charging status indicating halo<lt/>/strong<gt/>An LED halo on every VersiCharge makes reading the charging status of the unit from a distance seem like second nature.<lt/>br<gt/><lt/>br<gt/><lt/>strong<gt/>Maximum power adjustment switch<lt/>/strong<gt/>Installing electrical vehicle chargers into older homes can be a challenge. With the Siemens VersiCharge, the EVSE power output can be adjusted to match facility capability. Increments range from a maximum power setting of 7.2 kW down to 1.8 kW.<lt/>br<gt/><lt/>br<gt/><lt/>strong<gt/>Designed for the user and the environment<lt/>/strong<gt/>Integrated holster keeps dust and debris out of plug. 60% recycled material with matte finish is rugged, durable, and easy to clean. The SAE J1772 connector is ergonomically designed for user comfort. The 20’ cord is easily stored with the integrated cord management system.<lt/>br<gt/><lt/>br<gt/><lt/>strong<gt/>Flexible demand response profile<lt/>/strong<gt/>To support advanced demand response programs, all VersiCharge models feature variable amperage demand response and allow consumers to take advantage of utility rate programs. This feature ensures the energy demand from the EVSE can be curtailed with a reduced impact to the end user.


Brand Name Siemens Sub Brand VersiCharge™
Item Name Charging Station Type Hardwired
Dimensions 14 ft L Cord Color Gray
Supply Voltage 208 - 240 V Charging Current 30 A
Standards UL/SAE J1772/NEC 625, NEMA 1 Rated Application Electric Vehicle Charging Station
UPC 887621412210


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