P T I CABLES NMD90 3C14 75M 75m 3C14 PTI NMD90 Loomex Cable, White

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Manufacturer:P T I CABLES
Manufacturer #:NMD90 3C14 75M


Southwire's Romex® SIMpull ® NMD90 cables may be used for both exposed work in dry locations or concealed work in dry or damp locations. The maximum allowable conductor temperature is 90°C. The minimum recommended installation temperature is -25°C for two-conductor cables and -10°C for three-conductor cables (with suitable handling procedures). Material should be properly stored above 0°C for 24 hours prior to installation. The maximum voltage rating for all intended applications is 300 volts. Southwire's Romex® SIMpull ® NMD90 cables are available as two- or three-conductor cables with a bare grounding conductor. It is manufactured using annealed (soft) copper conductors—compressed standing for stranded conductors; a heat-resistant thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation and nylon jacket for the individual conductors with a PVC jacket for the overall construction.


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