P T I CABLES NMD90 3C6 75M 75m Coil PTI Cables NMD90 Loomex 6/3C Copper

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Manufacturer:P T I CABLES
Manufacturer #:NMD90 3C6 75M


Romex® SIMpull® Type-NMD90 non-metallic sheathed cable with bare grounding conductor, annealed (soft) copper conductors, compressed stranding for the stranded conductors. 90°C thermoplastic PVC insulation. Nylon jacket for the individual conductors and a PVC jacket surrounding the overall construction. SIM Jacket™ construction designed for easier pulling. Cables may be used for both exposed work in dry locations or concealed work in dry or damp locations.


Brand Name Approved Vendor Item Name NMD90 Building Cable
Wire Gauge Size 6 AWG Number of Conductors 3
Length 75 m


1 - UNIT - 1 75 - UNIT - 75 1800 - SKID LAYER - 1800
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