P T I CABLES PRO142AC90X2 3 Rolls 14/2 AC90 Cable with Non-Contact Voltage Tester

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Price $1,345.44 / KIT
Manufacturer:P T I CABLES
Manufacturer #:PRO142AC90X2


AC90 is a flexible interlocked aluminum armoured cable approved for use in open and concealed wiring in dry locations. All AC90 is CSA approved and manufactured with two, three, or four copper conductors insulated with RW90 cross-linked polyethylene rated at 600 volts from #14 to #2 AWG. The bonding conductor is bare copper.AC90 is a cost effective alternative to conduit wiring. AC90 eliminates the need for conduit, fittings and the labour associated with pulling in wire, threading, and forming conduit. Multiconductor and special construction AC90 can be manufactured. 600VAC. Kit contains 3 150 meter rolls of 14/2 AC90 and Non-Contact Voltage Tester.

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