P T I CABLES NMWU 3C6 150M 150mtr 6/3C PTI Cables NMWU Cable

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Manufacturer:P T I CABLES
Manufacturer #:NMWU 3C6 150M


Type-NMWU circuit cable with bare grounding conductor. The construction is manufactured using annealed (soft) copper conductors compressed stranding for the stranded conductors. Thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation and a nylon jacket for the phase conductors and a sunlight, moisture and fungus-resistant PVC jacket surrounding the overall construction. For two conductor cable, one conductor has white insulation and the second conductor has black insulation. For the three-conductor cable, one conductor has white insulation, one conductor has black insulation and the third conductor has red insulation. Used in underground installations, including direct burial, at conductor temperatures not exceeding 60°C.


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