Appleton - CB - Appleton BKX Iron Blank Flat Round Box Cover, Steel


Product code: APPCB

Manufacturer: Emerson Industrial

Brand: Appleton

Part Number: CB

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Appleton BKX junction boxes serve as pulling fittings. Provides openings for splicing. Connect and change direction of conduit runs. When used with a gasket, BKX junction boxes are weatherproof. BKX junction boxes are dust-ignitionproof when supplied for class II applications. Malleable iron Unilets offer high tensile strength, ductility, corrosion resistance and impact and shock resistance. Aluminum Unilets are lightweight, self-oxidizing, self renewing and offer a high corrosion resistance. Roomy interiors, smooth, rounded integral bushing in each hub protects conductor insulation. Accurately tapped, tapered threads for tight, rigid joints and ground continuity. Suitable for exposed or concealed installations. Boss in rear of box allows for fifth entry, factory or field entries, 1/2 or 3/4 . Available in three inside depths: 1-1/2 , 2-1/4 and 3 . Furnished with four tapped holes and two close-up plugs. Available in gray iron or aluminum. Cushion fixture hangers are enclosed and gasketed. Can be fitted with terminal block.

Material Steel
Diameter 101.6 in
Specification  Detailed Specifications