Hoffman Engineering Company - CP2016 - 18.20" x 14.20" CONCEPT™ Enclosure Panel, White


Product code: HOFCP2016

Manufacturer: Hoffman Engineering Company

Part Number: CP2016

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These panels are taller and wider than corresponding NEMA-size panels. Metal panels are 14 or 12 gauge steel and painted white or have a conductive finish. They include a formed flange along any side that is longer than 22.20 in. (564 mm). Optional wood panels are made of 3/4-in. plywood, pre-cut and pre-drilled to install on panel mounting studs in the rear of the cabinet.

UPC 783510785406
Color White
Application(how its used) Ideal for machine control applications
Material Steel
Height 18.2 in
Width 14.2 in
Specification  Detailed Specifications