Ipex - BP88CSW - 8"x10" Ipex Scepter® Jbox™ Hinged Cover

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Product code: SCEBP88CSW

Manufacturer: Ipex

Part Number: BP88CSW

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Back Panels of the appropriate size are available to fit the Scepter JBox in the 8 x 8 size and larger. IPEX back panels are made of 14 gauge carbon steel and have a white epoxy powder coat finish. Panels have pre-drilled holes that correspond to the mounting posts in the Scepter JBox to be easily attached using Pan Head #10 X 1/2" thread forming screws. APPLICATION / USE: JBX junction boxes can be used to enclose electrical equipment in non-hazardous locations. Back panels provide a means for mounting devices and equipment in an enclosure without compromising the NEMA rating of the enclosure.

UPC 622454451902
Material White Epoxy Powder Coat, #14 Gauge Carbon Steel
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