Appleton - FD01-2-222 - Appleton Box Device 1G Cast Custom


Product code: APPFD012222

Manufacturer: Emerson Industrial

Brand: Appleton

Part Number: FD01-2-222

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Appleton FS/FD cast hub device boxes accommodate wiring devices such as switches and receptacles. Provide excellent service in areas where boxes are subject to rough usage. Serve as pull boxes for conductors. Permit access to conductors for maintenance. Provide openings for making splices. Allow connections for branch conduit runs. Blank bodies for special conduit entrance arrangements. Corrosion-resistant ideal for indoor and outdoor installations. Weatherproof, raintight and dust-tight when used with cast gasketed covers. FS and FD boxes take standard flush wiring devices. FD boxes take devices exceeding 1.63 in/41.4 mm in depth under fastening ears. Malleable iron for high tensile strength and ductility provides greater resistance to impact and shock. Accurately tapped, tapered threads for tight, rigid joints, ground, continuity. Complete selection of covers, receptacles, plugs, gaskets and accessories. Covers have captive stainless steel screws to speed installation prevents loss of screws. Internal grounding screws standard. Available in single, two and three gang and tandem. Smooth, rounded integral bushing in each hub protects conductor insulation.