Appleton - FDC2A - 3/4" 1-Gang Ocal® FDC Series Deep Cast Device Box Aluminum, Silver/Grey


Product code: APPFDC2A

Manufacturer: Emerson Industrial

Brand: Appleton

Part Number: FDC2A

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FD cast hub device boxes can be drilled and tapped with conduit openings to suit your specifications. They can wiring devices such as switches and receptacles, serve as pull boxes for conductors, provide access for splicing accommodate and maintenance, or allow connections for branch conduit runs. Better by Design Ocal-Blue® PVC-coated conduit and fittings represent a complete corrosion-protection package for your entire conduit system. This extensive product line includes the largest number of items in stock along with corrosion-resistant supports and patching compounds. With Ocal® PVC-coated conduit and fittings, you get corrosion protection that will extend the life of your electrical raceway system for years and years. A Complete Corrosion Protection Solution • Industry leading thread protection through a hot-dipped galvanizing process, and industry leading UL® Listed Type 4X PVC-coated conduit bodies. • Meets the requirements of NEMA RN-1 without exception. • A full undisturbed zinc coating under the PVC coating, fulfilling the requirement of NEMA RN-1 regarding the restriction of harmed or eroded zinc coating over the conduit. • UL® Listed with both the zinc coating and the PVC coating investigated and listed per UL6. • UL® Listed including UV resistance testing. • “Double-Coat” coated fittings, enhancing corrosion protection by applying coating to the interior and exterior of the fittings before PVC coating. • Custom colors. • On-site installation training and certification, and extended warranty on installations conducted by certified installers.

Special Features Rugged and corrosion resistant
Certifications CSA Certified
Application(how its used) For use with Threaded Rigid Conduit and IMC. All device boxes have ridge top construction.
Material Aluminum
Length 109.5 in
Width 69.9 in
Specification  Detailed Specifications