Arlington - FB426F - 1/2-5/8" Arlington Flanged Press-On Fan & Fixture Mounting Box Drywall, Black


Product code: ARLFB426F

Manufacturer: Arlington

Part Number: FB426F

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Description: Arlington Flanged Press-On Fan & Fixture Mounting Box The fastest, easiest way to mount fans and fixtures. Ships ready-to install! FEATURES AND BENEFITS • No loose parts to misplace, totally self-contained! • Gripping tangs press-hold to the joist while you reach for your screwdriver • Comes with NM connector installed and mud cover in place • Fan/fixture installation screws are parked...ready for easy fan/fixture bracket installation! • FB426F’s flanged design forms a protective barrier against air infiltration • UL rated: 70 lb. fan, 200 lb. fixture; CSA rated: 50 lb. fan/fixture

UPC 018997125217
Color Black
Material Plastic
Specification  Detailed Specifications