Smart Box Canada - SBC MMT1G - Smart Box Multi Mount Device Box, Grey


Product code: SMASBCMMT1G

Manufacturer: Smart Box Canada

Part Number: SBC MMT1G

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All SMART BOX products mount internally • Wall dividers are available for the (2) through (6) gang boxes for line voltage / low voltage separation • Horizontal and vertical mounting capabilities are provided with (2) through (6) gang boxes • Two (1/2”) KO locations provided in the (2) through (6) gang boxes. SMART BOX is like no other electrical box on the market today! Its unique feature is the interior sidewall mounting screws. The interior mounting makes the box a great old work box. It makes no difference whether the walls are sheetrock, paneling or plaster. The box is installed to a beam just like it would be done in new work construction. This makes for a sturdier installation than drywall cut-in boxes. SMART BOX is not limited to rewire and renovation work. It works equally well in new construction situations but has the added benefit of allowing you to go ‘back in’ if necessary. Every SMART BOX is a window of opportunity to get back inside the wall for future wiring and adjustments. These features give SMART BOX adjustable depth capability as well. Simply release the mounting screws and move the entire SMART BOX in or out as necessary without damage to the finished wall surface. Conventional nail-on boxes cannot be adjusted without destroying the box or cutting a hole in the wall to access the mounting screws.

UPC 705105752693
Color Gray
Volume 21 cu. in.
Specification  Detailed Specifications