RAB - 95770 - Box round 5 conduit entries 1/2in threaded alum


Product code: DES12DVXJC

Manufacturer: RAB

Part Number: 95770

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Each unit comes complete with neoprene gasket, 3 threaded plugs to match side entries, stamped aluminum cover with brass screws and one ground screw installed. There are 4 internal posts for mounting covers 90 degrees apart. Two additional posts at 180 degrees apart for universal cross bars. One post for ground wire screw plus all posts are 10-24 tapped. Five conduit entries, four on the side and one on the bottom. Standard unit is a sand blasted aluminum.

Special Features Depth : 1-9/16”
Certifications C UL US Listed
Material Aluminum
Diameter 4 in
Specification  Detailed Specifications