Arlington - FLB6242NL - Steel Floor Box Kit with 6" Round Nickel-Plated Cover


Product code: ARLFLB6242NL

Manufacturer: Arlington

Part Number: FLB6242NL

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Arlington’s UL LISTED Steel FLOOR BOX KITS are the easy way to install receptacles flush in a NEW or EXISTING floor. Designed for flexibility, these kits offer multiple options for the device setup. Along with your two-gang steel box, you can get:

- One power, and one low voltage or
- Two power devices.

The floor box kits come with round, brass or nickel-plated brass covers. Four flip lids prevent water intrusion and protect the box when it’s not in use

STEEL FLOOR BOX KITS include two-gang steel box, 6" metal cover, assorted gaskets and two devices.

UPC 018997228055
Color Nickel
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