Canadian Electrical Raceways - RF9C4B - Raised Floor Applicatiion Floorbox


Product code: CERRF9C4B

Manufacturer: Canadian Electrical Raceways

Part Number: RF9C4B

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Heavy duty steel floorbox (also known as a ‘Stage Dip Box’) for recessed mounting into solid and wood floors. The top half of the box has an upper lip, which rests on or flush with the floor surface. It is finished in grey stove-enamel with grey moulded plastic lip. The bottom section has adjustable flanges for bottom fixing below the floor surface (removable if not required) plus 20mm knockouts, and is divided into three compartments. Mounting holes are also provided in the bottom face. The bottom section can be installed during building works (including in cast concrete floors), the top section screws in later, and has height adjustment of up to 18mm with set screws for levelling. The lid is hinged along the long edge, and is in itself a shallow tray – designed to allow a piece of carpet or wood trim (approx 5mm thick) to be inserted so as to match the lid to the remainder of the floor. Two moulded flaps are incorporated in the edge opposite to the hinge, which can either be locked shut when the box is not in use, or open to allow cables to enter. In this position they are locked so cannot partly close and trap the cables. Usable aperture with lid fully closed 12mm x 43mm per flap. Internally, a sub-frame allows the mounting of three connector or blank plates, as required. The plates lie parallel to the floor. Various pre-punched plate options are available to suit most common requirements, but note that plates suit either centre positions or end positions within the box, but not both. The basic box includes all hardware, and is supplied without any connector plates, which are ordered separately. Note there is no provision in these boxes to maintain segregation of services. If this is required, then it will be necessary to use more than one box.