Code - C-PT6F - Code Electric Products PT6 Multi Port NIB Housing Plastic Surface CATV Enclosure, Grey


Product code: CODCPT6F

Manufacturer: Code

Part Number: C-PT6F

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Description: The PT6 waterproof 3 port NIB exterior surface housing feature a rear entry port, 2 slide knockout and 1 interior LB knockout for pipe. Upper conduit adapter accept 1.24in and 2.5 in and lower accept 0.75, 1, and 2 inch conduit. Made of polycarbonate with attached door and F81 security locking., Dimensions are 7.63 in height by 5.9in wide x 4.6in deep and are approved by Telco and CSA as CATV service entrance drop point.

UPC 623825005533
Color Gray
Certifications C.S.A. approved
Material Plastic
Height 7.63"
Length 193.802"
Width 5.9"
Specification  Detailed Specifications