Ipex - 089147 - 3/4" Kwikon Snap-In Connector, Gray


Product code: SCEKTS15

Manufacturer: Ipex

Part Number: 089147

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Kwikon offers the industry’s most complete line of ENT fittings for all ENT sizes and transition needs–bridge gaps from ENT to EMT or to metallic slab boxes or to Rigid PVC. Made rugged and concrete-tight, our fittings require no solvent welding or tape, and can be joined to any CSA certified ENT. Kwikon® fittings are engineered for the rugged day-to-day challenges of the construction industry - whether encased in concrete, concealed in wall or ceilings, or in direct burial applications.

UPC 622454891470
Color Gray
Certifications UL Listed
Application(how its used) Used with Scepter Rigid PVC Conduit pipe
Material PVC
Specification  Detailed Specifications