Ipex - 029184 - 4" Super Duct DBII Conduit to Duct Adapter


Product code: SCEARIG40

Manufacturer: Ipex

Part Number: 029184

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Super Duct is recognized by major utilities, contractors and engineering firms as the premier ducting product available on the market. Super Duct is manufactured with a specialized compound, and engineered for high impact and crush strength specifically required by utilities for underground duct. This compound also enhances the friction coefficient of Super Duct.


• Super Duct is easy to carry and install, reducing labour requirements and costs
• The natural flexibility of Super Duct allows for field bending during installation
• The smooth bore of Super Duct facilitates cable pulling eliminating cable damage

UPC 622454291843
Certifications UL Listed
Application(how its used) Used for underground ducting applications
Material PVC
Specification  Detailed Specifications