Ipex - 077611 - Ipex Electrical Scepter® F Series Blank Cover c/w Gasket


Product code: SCEBRC1510

Manufacturer: Ipex

Part Number: 077611

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Manufactured with stainless steel return-springs/clips and packaged with brass screws, Scepter F Series weatherproof covers provide a positive seal, even in cold temperatures. Typical industrial, commercial and residential applications include: • Utilities • Cable • Communications • Street and highway lighting • Residential applications • Water treatment plants • Airports • Wind Power • Subways • Sewage treatment plants • Pulp and paper industries • Parking garages • Car washes • Fish plants • Marinas • Agricultural, dairy, hogs, cattle, chicken, farms, etc. • Bridges and tunnels • Food processing plants • Steel mills • Mines

UPC 62245477611
Color Gray
Special Features Weatherproof
Certifications CSA certified
Material PVC
Specification  Detailed Specifications