Ipex - 077812 - 3/4" Ipex Scepter® 2-Hole PVC Strap


Product code: SCEPS15

Manufacturer: Ipex

Part Number: 077812

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IPEX is introducing 2-1/2"", 3"" and 4"" straps to our line-up of Scepter 2-hole PVC Conduit Straps. These new sizes complete our range of nonmetallic straps to support 1/2"" through 4"" PVC conduit. With their co-polymer high-density polyethylene construction, these straps offer excellent cold weather properties as well as high impact strength. ADVANTAGES: • Quick, easy installation: pinch strap together and it stays in place on the conduit. • Added UV inhibitors towithstand the harsh effects of sunlight • Smooth finish with no sharp edges for safe handling

UPC 622454778122
Color Gray
Application(how its used) Industrial, Commercial and Residential Applications
Material PVC
Specification  Detailed Specifications