Appleton - APPC67 - 2" Ocal® FM7™ Unilet® Type C Conduit Outlet Body Grayloy-Iron, Silver/Grey


Product code: APPC67

Manufacturer: Emerson Industrial

Brand: Appleton

Part Number: APPC67

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Better by Design Ocal-Blue® PVC-coated conduit and fittings represent a complete corrosion-protection package for your entire conduit system. This extensive product line includes the largest number of items in stock along with corrosion-resistant supports and patching compounds. With Ocal® PVC-coated conduit and fittings, you get corrosion protection that will extend the life of your electrical raceway system for years and years. A Complete Corrosion Protection Solution • Industry leading thread protection through a hot-dipped galvanizing process, and industry leading UL® Listed Type 4X PVC-coated conduit bodies. • Meets the requirements of NEMA RN-1 without exception. • A full undisturbed zinc coating under the PVC coating, fulfilling the requirement of NEMA RN-1 regarding the restriction of harmed or eroded zinc coating over the conduit. • UL® Listed with both the zinc coating and the PVC coating investigated and listed per UL6. • UL® Listed including UV resistance testing. • “Double-Coat” coated fittings, enhancing corrosion protection by applying coating to the interior and exterior of the fittings before PVC coating. • Custom colors. • On-site installation training and certification, and extended warranty on installations conducted by certified installers.

UPC 78312607095
UNSPSC 39121700
Installation Threaded
Certifications UL listed , CSA certified
Application(how its used) For use with Rigid Steel, Rigid Aluminum and IMC Conduit.
Material Grayloy-Iron
Specification  Detailed Specifications