Iboco - T1E-4040G - 4"x4" IBOCO® T1-E Series Wiring Duct, Grey


Product code: IBOT1E4040G

Manufacturer: Iboco

Part Number: T1E-4040G

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IBOCO® Wiring products respond to all installation needs, coping with different uses and environment applications. They are manufactured with high quality materials that undergo severe quality controls and performance tests under extreme operating and duration conditions with a constant control of quality standards. • Wiring Ducts T1, T1E, SEP-E and CL are manufactured in rigid Self-Extinguishing PVC. • Those components for which high bending resilience is required are in polyamide 6 and polypropylene. • Spiralite is manufactured in natural polyethylene and self-extinguishing polyethylene.

UPC 015892502053
Material Rigid PVC
Height 4 Inch
Length 72 Inch
Width 4 Inch
Specification  Detailed Specifications