Ipex - 089059 - 3/4" Kwikon (KT90) Stub Down Fitting


Product code: SCEKT9015

Manufacturer: Ipex

Part Number: 089059

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Both styles of stub down fittings are designed for direct connection to ENT on the horizontal by means of our patented six locking tab concrete-tight Kwikon connection. The flanged base of the threaded 90º stub down offers contractors a NPSC threaded hub connection on the vertical – at the exit point of the slab, allowing for the direct transition to other raceway products. With our unique Kwikon x Kwikon stub down fitting, the user creates a stub down of ENT without penetrating the form. After the concrete pour the permanently encased fitting will be flush with the bottom of the slab deck, ready to accept the connection of ENT raceway. Designed to offer the optimal balance of bend radius and overall height in the slab, these fittings provide a bend radius of 2-1/2" while standing less than 3-3/8" tall.

UPC 622454334540
Color Gray
Material PVC
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