Powers Fasteners - 09414 - 6-8 1" Lance Bissett Limited Anchor Lead, Metal

CAD$24.50 /100

Product code: RAW09414

Manufacturer: Powers Fasteners

Part Number: 09414

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The Scru-Lead anchor is designed for use with sheet metal or wood screws in concrete, block or brick. The anchor is made entirely of lead alloy which is soft enough for easy installation, yet hard enough to give sure, secure holding power. The performance of this product depends on the integrity of the base material. The anchor is recommended for light duty applications where holding power is not a critical factor. It should not be used overhead, Size: #6 to #8 X 1IN, Material: Lead Alloy

UPC 075352094144
Color Metal
Application(how its used) For use in concrete, block or brick. Use in conjunction with sheet metal or wood screws.
Material Lead
Specification  Detailed Specifications