Erico - CRLW50EG - 1/2" CADDY® ROD LOCK Plywood Form Preset Anchor


Product code: ERICRLW50EG

Manufacturer: Erico

Part Number: CRLW50EG

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• Eliminate overhead drilling into building structure – CADDY ROD LOCK Preset Anchors are cast in place
• Nails hold the anchor in place during the pour and easily break off with a strike of a hammer once the plywood forms are removed
• Easy "push-to-install" design allows installers to simply push the threaded rod through the mounting hole, instantly holding it in position
• Works with slightly damaged threads and minor burrs on the threaded rod
• Prefabricated assemblies easily lift and lock into place, helping to save time and money
• Plastic flange acts as insert locator when the forms are removed

UPC 782856793854
Color Blue
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