Paulin - 210-137 - 8mmx1/2" Loxxon® Square Socket Drive Truss Head Tapping Screw

CAD$4.00 /100

Product code: PAU210137

Manufacturer: Paulin

Part Number: 210-137

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SOCKET TAPPING SCREWS VIS TARAUDEUSES CREUSE • Sheet Metal Screws, Self-Tapping, Hardened. Loxxon® Square Socket Drive Specify Papco® Pan, Flat or Truss Socket Head Tapping Screws where a positive driver engagement, or where high-speed assembly of sheet metal parts, is required. They are used in body work, moldings, trim, sheet metal work and many other applications.

UPC 771878263063
Length 1/2 Inch
Specification  Detailed Specifications