Paulin - 232-035 - 8mmx1" Drill-X® Self-Drilling Tapping Screw Pan Socket Head

CAD$3.68 /100

Product code: PAU232035

Manufacturer: Paulin

Part Number: 232-035

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DRILL-X® SELF-DRILLING TAPPING SCREWS VIS TARAUD FORET DRILL-X® 232 SERIES • Papco® Self-Drilling and Tapping Screws are made of high-quality steel and are specially heat treated. • The drill point has been incorporated into the screw in the familiar twist drill design. • These screws drill their own hole - form mating threads - fasten securely and can be used in steel, plastics, composite materials, wood plus various laminates. • Determine total thickness of the material to be drilled then choose No. 2 or No. 3 point to allow complete drilling. • Available in Pan Phillips, Pan Socket and Hex Head.

UPC 771878268952
Length 1 Inch
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