BRK Products - SC9126BTCA - 120VAC Wire-In Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with 9V Battery Back Up


Product code: BRKSC9126BTCA

Manufacturer: BRK Products

Part Number: SC9126BTCA

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The combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm shall be a BRK Model SC9126BTCA and shall provide at a minimum the following features and functions: 1. An Ionization smoke sensing chamber. 2. An Electrochemical co sensing chamber. 3. The unit shall be capable of self restoring. 4. Fully screened sensing chamber to resist entry of small insects thereby reducing the probability of unwanted alarms. 5. Powered by 120V AC, 60Hz with 9V battery backup and a solid state piezo horn rated at 85dB at 10 ft. 6. A visual green LED power-on indicator to confirm unit is receiving power or is in alarm. 7. A full function test button should check all alarm functions by simulating a smoke and then co condition, causing the unit to alarm with condition specific alarm patterns. 8. Two silence features - Temporarily silence unwanted nuisance alarms and low battery. 9.Two Latching features: Alarm Latch to easily identify initiating alarm after alarm condition has subsided. Low battery latch: to visually identify which unit is in low battery condition. 10. The unit shall be capable of operating between 40°F (4°C) and 100°F (38°C) and relative humidity between 10% and 90%. 11. The unit shall have a gasketless base for easy installation and be capable of keeping alarm secure over a wide rotation range to allow for true alarm alignment. 12. The unit shall have a plug in connector and be capable of interconnection of up to 18 alarms, 12 of which can be smoke alarms. The unit must have a Manufacturers Extended Producer Responsibility (“EPR”) program attached, that allows the return and recycling of any smoke or Carbon Monoxide alarm being replaced by installation of The BRK model. This EPR program must meet Provincial Guidelines for the Handling and Recycling of all materials involved, and must be at no added cost to the end-user or taxpayer as a result

UPC 029054010414
Color White
Voltage 120
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