Burndy - ES2R4R* - #2-4 CU/AL Burndy® Type ES Insulink™ Service Entrance Sleeve


Product code: BURES2R4R

Manufacturer: Burndy

Part Number: ES2R4R*

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TYPES ES INSULINK™ Service Entrance Sleeve for Insulated Combinations of Copper, Aluminum, ACSR Compressed. For use in overhead distribution applications. Pre-insulated service entrance compression connector installed with OH25, OUR840 and MD6 HYTOOL™ as well as Y35 and Y750 HYPRESS™ tools. Polyethylene caps prevent dirt from accumulating in barrel, grip cable for easy two-hand installation, and seal out moisture. Aluminum connector is anchored to jacket, assuring the connector is under the die when crimping. Nylon jacket insulates connector electrically and protects against water and weather. Superior color coding. Pre-filled with PENETROX™ joint compound. Do not use insulated sealed connectors on bare conductors. Refer to LINKIT™ type connectors. RUS Accepted.

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