Burndy - YAV2T38B - 3/8" 2/0AWG 1 Hole HYLUG™ Lug Compression Copper


Product code: BURYAV2T38B

Manufacturer: Burndy

Part Number: YAV2T38B

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HYLUG™ Type YAV is a seamless, heavy duty uninsulated compression terminal manufactured from electrolytic copper and is for use on Type AN aircraft cable, extra flexible conductors and commercial (code) conductors. The seamless tubing produces a double thick tongue and seamless barrel design provides a strong connector for demanding applications requiring high reliability. Applications include aircraft, industrials, hospitals, electric utilities, marine, computers, and other equipment subject to vibration or requiring dependable electrical performance. The YAV HYLUG™ terminals meet the requirements of MIL-T-7928 and are listed per MS20659 for use with copper aircraft cable per MIL-W-5086 The benefits of YAV-L connectors are the same as YAV connectors for stranded conductors.

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