Burndy - YSL36 - 600kcmil Burndy® Type YSL Hylink™ Copper Compression Splice, Green


Product code: BURYSL36

Manufacturer: Burndy

Part Number: YSL36

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Burndy® Type YSL Hylink™ Copper Compression Splice. Short Barrel, Tin Plated. UL Listed, CSA Certified and ROHS Compatible. Compression splice features short barrel length, uninsulated copper, ideal for 600 volt heavy duty applications. Also may be used at higher voltages up to 35 KV. Four center conductor stops which provide a center wire stop for proper conductor insertion. High pull out force gives security for much greater mechanical and electrical properties.

UPC 781810418710
Certifications UL Listed
Material Copper
Specification  Detailed Specifications