FLO - FH-1-STA-X5-HY5N-FL1 - 30A 208-240V 7.2kW Home X5 Residential Smart Charging Station


Product code: FLOFH1STAX5HY5NFL1

Manufacturer: FLO

Part Number: FH-1-STA-X5-HY5N-FL1

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Extremely sturdy and made in Canada, FLO HomeX5 residential smart charging station lets you view and manage settings from your private FLO account. The FLO Home X5’s network connection gives you access to a whole package of smart features.

Easy management. Remotely configure the station’s settings and track usage data via our secure online portal or the FLO mobile app.

Future-proof technology. The unit’s internal software updates automatically so that new features can be added over time. Plus, easily add a second unit on the same breaker thanks to our exclusive power sharing technology.

Real-time support. The station’s network connection allows us to remotely monitor your unit’s status to ensure service quality and offer real-time technical support in case of emergency.

Manage your power peak demand. Take advantage of your utility’s time of use incentives or adjust your charging station’s power output according to your house’s power consumption needs.

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