Calrad - 40-281H - Calrad Component Converter to HDMI, Black


Product code: CLR40281H

Manufacturer: Calrad

Part Number: 40-281H

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Description: This product is a component video (YPbPR) and stereo audio to HDMI converter that allows older analogue devices to be integrated seamlessly into the modern home theatre setup. It connects component video devices, such as Xbox 360, PS2, Wii, NTL, Virgin Media, DVD Player, Sky TV, Satellite TV, ETC. to HDMI displays.It reduces the wire clutter in your home theater because from the 5 cables it takes for a component video and analog audio connection, it goes down to 1HDMI cable that can transfer all of the same video and audio over a single cable. Simply plug your existing component video and analog audio cables (or a new shorter set of cables) into the converter, then connect an HDMI cable between the converter and the HDMI input on your HDTV, projector or display, and lastly connect the power supply to the converter and plug it in - then you're all set to go!

UPC 601520428116
Special Features - Converts five cables (Component HD Video and Stereo Audio) into one <bR>- Supports HDMI output resolutions up to 1080i<bR>- Simple plug-and-play setup<bR>- Compact size<bR>