Calrad - 92-160 - 12VDC Calrad 92-160 IR Distribution System


Product code: CLR92160

Manufacturer: Calrad

Part Number: 92-160

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The Calrad 92-160 is a complete IR Distribution and Extender System consisting of a Connector block with six (6) 3.5mm IR Jacks, for connecting wired IR Bugs, and hardwire screw connections for connecting the IR Receiver. It comes with a single Plasma proof Receiver, a single IR Bug (emitter), and a power supply. -Send signals to 6 or more emitters -Detachable IR Receiver input connector -Power, Ground, Status LED's -IR Confirmation LED -IR Receiver jacks are standard 3.5mm size -12Vdc Powered -Quick Mount -Sleek, thin Receiver design

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