Flextherm - GSTP - 20 sqft FLEXSnap Mesh


Product code: FTIFLEXSNAP

Manufacturer: Flextherm

Part Number: GSTP

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The FLEXSnap Mesh protects the cable from being damaged during the installation process. It allows for more uniform surface heat due to a larger thermal mass. Reinforces the floor’s structure, thereby diminishing perceived vibrations. Allows for a more uniform transition between a tiled, heated floor and an adjacent natural hardwood floor. The FLEXSnap Mesh is the perfect complement to the Green Cable Surface for quick and efficient installation at minimal cost. Box of 20 Tiles. It comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

UPC 698679736216
Color Orange
Warranty 5 Years
Length 31.4 cm
Width 31.4 cm
Specification  Detailed Specifications