Standard Products Inc. - 22002 - 5W 120V Standard Incandescent Lamp, Chrismas Class, C7.5, Candelabra E12, Clear


Product code: IWA2244

Manufacturer: Standard Products Inc.

Part Number: 22002

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INCANDESCENT COLOURED LAMPS C7.5 / CANDELABRA E12 / 5W / 120V C7.5 and C9.25 christmas lamps are the most commonly used for Christmas applications such as string or rope lighting. Ranging between 5 and 7 watts, these lamps may be either transparent or double-dipped in special coatings emitting bright colours when lit.

UPC 695492200276
Color Clear
Diameter 70 Inch
Wattage 5
Specification  Detailed Specifications